Friday, April 09, 2010

The Home Office Lives On

I still do most of my computer/phone work from a home office. The kids are getting a little bit older and all but 1 are in school. So, forgive me for getting a little brave today and making a call from the car with 3 kids in tow. The call was to one of our vendors and it's not really a big deal if they hear giggling and child chatter as many of them also work from a home office. However, while I was on the phone in a rather in depth conversation, my 5 yr old threw some sort of toy/gadget (thanks McDonald's) which bounced off the back of my head and then into the face of my 2 yr old. The 2 yr old then let out a scream that I have never before heard come out of her mouth and then continued to cry as loud as she ever has. The conversation had to be moved into a gas station parking lot. It wasn't all a loss. It gave me a chance to go over some paperwork with the vendor. Flying papers in the wind beat a screaming child any day. Note to self: kids and phones don't mix


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